Foster Care is at the heart of the Gospel. It’s easy to start, highly rewarding, and unlocks spiritual growth you never knew possible! 

The fact is, you are called by God to stand in the gap for vulnerable children in your community every day who need hope. You are heroic when you provide a safe home or simple supplies to a child with nothing. To them, you are their hero! 

Dr. Bob Griffith and his wife Wendy tell their story of how God started a wave of impact in their church and community when they decided to obey James 1:27 and live out true religion. Through their story of loss, redemption, and miraculous confirmation, you will be encouraged to help vulnerable children today and not wait for tomorrow. You will see how, through foster care ministry, you will live out the heart of the gospel in a fresh way and learn more about who God is than ever before! 

Every church wants to change their city in the name of Christ, but the question is how? The Griffiths share how a few families stepped out in faith to foster children, and their example started a movement within their church. As a result of their efforts, 30% of all the foster families in their county attended their local church. They provide real systems, scholarly research, and solutions used over 10 years that will help churches be heroes in their community through foster care ministry. 

The Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) believes that when every church and Christian does something to support foster children, the church will change the world! 

Interview with Dr. Griffith: Impact of Foster Care Ministry.