About the Author

Dr. Bob Griffith serves as the lead pastor of Christ Chapel (, a multigenerational and multicultural church in the Washington, DC suburbs of Northern Virginia.

Dr. Griffith is the former founder and CEO of a faith based non-profit organization called 1Hope Together that brings people together for the cause of foster care support. He has also been an advocate for vulnerable children at local, state, and national levels with his work recognized by Outreach Magazine, K-Love radio, and as promoted from the United States congressional floor.

Academically, Dr. Griffith holds degrees in ministry, leadership, and business. He is a doctoral mentor and has served in higher education instruction for over 10 years helping adult students learn more about leadership and practical theology.

His wife, Wendy, is an ordained minister, public speaker, and has been used by God to greatly impact the foster care system with helpful policies, adoption awareness, and recruitment.

The Griffiths were awarded the Virginia State Parent of the Year award for 2022 in recognition of their foster care advocacy personally and professionally. Together, they have learned that helping orphans is not only true religion but is also at the heart of the gospel.